The Netflix Shows You Shouldn’t Skip Out On

Published on 12/30/2019

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming networks in the world; there is hardly anyone who has never watched something on Netflix before, or at least heard of it. There are thousands of movies and television shows to choose from, including over 150 original Netflix shows, and it often seems like there is no way you can ever conquer everything on Netflix in your lifetime. Of course, some TV shows on Netflix are better than others, and we are here to assist you in finding some of the best TV shows and series available to watch on the streaming network.

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The Netflix Shows You Shouldn’t Skip Out On

Queer Eye (2018- )

Queer Eye is one of those shows that makes you cry even when they don’t mean to. Essentially, it’s about a group of men known as the Fab Five, who travel around the world to give deserving people lifestyle makeovers. The cast is comprised of Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown, Antoni Porowski, Tan France, and Bobby Berk. All of them specialize in different areas (grooming, food, interior design, culture, or fashion) and help their locally-nominated heroes to become better versions of themselves. The show often digs deep into these peoples’ pasts and helps them to uncover their true meaning in life.

Black Mirror (2011- )

Black Mirror is a show unlike any other. Every episode is different, not only in its plot but in its cast as well. The show boasts twists and turns that you never expect, and some of the episodes can be truly mind-twisting in the weirdest ways possible. They once came out with an interactive episode of the show where viewers can click between a few options to make the decision for the character, which ultimately determines his fate, and it was a huge hit. The show has brought in some famous celebs before, like Miley Cyrus, but for the most part the cast is unknown actors, which makes the show even cooler.

Orange Is The New Black (2013-2019)

This show changed the way that people watched Netflix shows. Instead of releasing the entire show at once, Orange is the New Black decided to release one season per year, usually in the summer. The show is about a young woman named Piper Chapman who gets caught years later for a crime she committed with her ex-girlfriend, Alex. Piper is currently engaged to be married to a man named Larry, and the couple is living their best lavish lifestyle in New York City. Piper’s life gets turned upside down when she gets sentenced to go to prison, and the show follows along with her story and all of its ups and downs.