5 Tips Against Tiredness During The Day

Published on 11/28/2022

In our everyday life, breaks are rare and recovery phases are short-lived. Job, family, household – as happy as we are about it, sometimes we just reach our limits! But what does really help to overcome exhaustion and recharge your batteries?

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5 Tips Against Tiredness During The Day

Avoid Stress

Easier said than done, you will think: the exam is getting closer or the deadline for the current project is just around the corner. You have a lot to do, but there are only 24 hours in the day. And after all, you didn’t choose the spat with your partner. That’s right: All of this can probably not be avoided completely – but how you deal with it, yes! For example, start by not criticizing yourself and putting yourself under pressure. You don’t always have to be perfect!

A Short Nap

What is called “power napping”  is the most effective measure to awaken the spirits. This works during the lunch break in the office as well as in the car at the service area. But be careful: it shouldn’t be longer than 20 minutes, otherwise you’ll fall into a deep sleep phase. After that, waking up will be even harder!

Build-In Rest Breaks

Rest periods are important for regeneration! Even if this is often forgotten in our meritocracy. Switch off your mobile phone, consciously enjoy a distraction, or celebrate a ritual. This is always economical – because if an experienced worker is absent due to burnout, then they will be absent for much longer than if they simply take the time in between to catch their breath.

Maintain Sleep Hygiene

It is not the duration of sleep that is decisive for its recreational value, but the quality. If possible, you should go through all sleep phases a few times a night. The body regenerates itself especially during the deep sleep phases. Therefore, keep your sleep free from disturbing influences such as light, noise and distraction. The popular glass of red wine at night is relaxing, but even small amounts of alcohol reduce the quality of sleep. Watching TV from bed or quickly checking e-mails programs the body to wake up again. This is due to the proportion of blue light that the screen emits. Also: If you are still thinking about your job, an exciting TV film or exciting news from your social network, your body cannot focus on falling asleep. So pull the curtains completely, use earplugs if necessary and ban the TV, tablet or cell phone from the bedroom!

Relax In a Targeted Manner

Autogenic training can help you to calm down. Plan half an hour into your daily routine for this, e.g. B. first thing in the morning when the children are off to kindergarten or in the evening after you have put them to bed.