7 Tips For Your Apartment To Stay Clean Easily

Published on 12/28/2022

Very few like to tidy up or love to clean the apartment. However, most people only feel really comfortable at home when it is neat and clean. How to solve this dilemma? With a few simple tricks that make your home look clean without much effort.

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7 Tips For Your Apartment To Stay Clean Easily

Return Items Immediately

Objects such as laptops, books or cosmetics are often transported into the living room or dining area to pass the time there. Afterward, however, the commodities should be returned to their original place. This will prevent you from having too much lying around on tables and chairs and catching dust, and it will also make it easier to clean up later

Set The Table

You can also avoid point one entirely if the dining table is always set. Place mats that are simply intended to signal you – ‘There is something here’ or ‘This table is intended for something else’ are sufficient.

Put On Closed Cupboards And Shelves

Open cupboards and shelves are restless and thus automatically appear untidy. Therefore, it is better to bet on closed fronts. If this is not possible, you should only store things in open areas that can be easily arranged – such as books, folders or isolated decorative objects such as a flower vase, a sculpture or a large candle.

Have Cleaning Supplies Ready

The apartment is easier to keep clean if all the necessary cleaning utensils – whether cleaning agents, mops or feather dusters – are always at hand and not stowed somewhere out of sight. Knowing that you don’t have to keep looking for the little helpers motivates you to clean the surfaces more regularly. Dirt collects not only in the hallway and on work surfaces – uninvited guests also like to get stuck in their own bed linen.

Provide A Basket For Clutter

Those who know that they tend to be disorderly should have a basket or box ready to master chaos. Clothes that normally end up on the floor are placed in the basket instead, making it easy to carry them back to where they belong at the end of the day. This trick for a clean home is especially helpful when there are children living in the household. After playing, the toy lands directly in the box and can simply be taken to the children’s room or stowed in a closet.

The 5 Minute Rule

A particularly helpful rule should ensure in a very short time that the home always looks clean without much effort. It’s the 5 minute rule. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom – if tidying up or cleaning would only take a maximum of five minutes, you should do it straight away and not put it off. This keeps the effort low, but the apartment is still clean and tidy. Anything over five minutes has time before the big cleaning on the weekend.

Fold Textiles

If the bedspread lies crumpled on the couch in the living room, the whole room looks untidy. After lounging around in the evening, it is therefore advisable to collect your energy for a moment and fold up the blanket in two or three movements or simply spread it out on the couch. An unmade bed gives the same impression in the bedroom, but you shouldn’t do it immediately after getting up. Read why in this article.