An Inside Look On Kourtney Kardashian’s Outdoor Slumber Party: Kamp Kourtney

Published on 08/03/2020

Just as all families and moms Kourtney Kardashian has had to come up with some fun and innovative ways to entertain her kids. She has been present on social media and through her brand Poosh with recipes, ideas, and with skincare products, routines, and devices throughout the quarantine period. The hands-on mom has outdone herself with her latest family event and we are ready to signup to Kamp Kourtney immediately. The Kardashians are a closely-knit bunch and they have reportedly done family dinners through video chat, and have now been easing back into seeing one another as restrictions are lifted bit by bit. The most recent get together was called Kamp Kourtney and just wait till you see how the Kardashian outdid herself this time, with attention to detail and just a fabulous all-round idea we have the inside details.

Kim Kardashian (2)

An Inside Look On Kourtney Kardashian’s Outdoor Slumber Party

The Kardashian sister invited friends and family over for a movie night under the stars, with a slumber party too. We wish we had cracked the guest list. Kim Kardashian and kids were in attendance with a bunch of other kids for the event. Kourtney had set up a big screen in her yard with comfortable lounge chairs and blankets, where The Parent Trap was later screened. Additionally, they all gathered around a campfire and made s’mores. Although, it was not your average campfire but rather a gas-lit fireplace in her garden it was truly magical. The kids including North West were seen dipping marshmallows in chocolate and smushing them between gram crackers. The Kardashians truly make it seem effortless but do everything with class, the white blankets, and lounge chairs were spaced out and looked incredibly comfortable.

Finally, the screening was followed by a traditional campout where we can see a normal tent in the backyard and Kourtney snapped a photo from what looks like a very cozy sleeping bag. This is such a fun and cute idea for kids and parents to do together, a backyard campout is also really easy and simply more comfortable within your own home. Kim took the opportunity to model her SKIMS pajama collection and was seen on her Instagram wearing the new line. We are sure there were other activities planned and the kids had no problem entertaining themselves at the stunning slumber party. An idea that can be adapted to any family and is truly fun for not only the kids but the adults too. The Kamp come at the perfect time for the sisters and family to not only enjoy one another company but bond, even more, Kim and Kourtney have had their differences but the Kardashians seem to prevail through all. It is nice to see Kourtney supporting Kim and of course, the close and cute bond all the cousins share is simply adorable. Who knows what Kardashian event will be planned next, however, this family knows how to do quarantine in style that is for sure! Sign us up!