Simple Mindful Eating Tips That Will Transform The Way You Think About Food

Published on 10/22/2020

Losing ourselves in the chaos of daily life has become a lot more common for so many people around the world. One of the most important things that often gets neglected is healthy eating habits. This then can lead to weight gain, diseases such as diabetes, and even affect one’s mental health. In order to combat these unhealthy patterns, we highly recommend mindful eating. So what exactly is mindful eating? This is all about maintaining an in-the-moment awareness of the food you put into your body. It has to do with our relationship with food and the choices we make. Many studies have suggested that there are loads of benefits to this, one of which includes weight loss. Keep reading to see some of the very simple mindful eating habits that should be adopted by everyone!

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Simple Mindful Eating Tips That Will Transform The Way You Think About Food

Eat With Your Non- Dominant Hand

This may sound a lot more tricky than it actually is, but in reality, it is actually quite simple.  Eating with your non-dominant hand is a great way to stop you from overeating. As this isn’t something the brain is used to, it’ll force you to slow down and thus allowing you to be a lot more conscious of the food you are eating. Many studies have suggested that this mindfulness trick is also an effective method for those wanting to lose weight.

Chew Thoroughly

Nowadays it’s so common for people to eat on the move between their busy schedules. Even though we’re all aware that this is not a good eating habit at all, so many of us still do it. However sometimes, with the day-to-day hustle and bustle, we aren’t left with much of a choice. So here are the facts, eating on the run and scoffing down meals without chewing them well can result in undigested food particles which can then trigger gas, boasting, and indigestion. Many experts have even suggested chewing each bite of food up to 30 times before swallowing. Additionally, do not take another bite of food until you have completely swallowed what is already in your mouth.

Turn Off Any Electrical Devices

Sadly this next tip applies to nearly every single one of us. When it comes to eating, by now we should know that we should be giving our undivided attention to the food we eat. Now, this may sound a little strange, but technological devices should not be a distraction from any mindfulness eating practices. So, as soon as you sit down to eat your meal, be sure that the TV is off, your cellphone is away and you are not anywhere near your laptop.

Always Be Sitting

Sometimes, eating can often feel like something we just need to tick off on our do to list. or Rushing through the day and only eating whenever the opportunity arises. The best advice to always make sure you are sitting while eating your meals, otherwise with all the multitasking going on you are less likely to truly appreciate the food on your plate. Although this may be very difficult for some, part of mindful eating is about doing nothing else while you’re eating. Believe us after the first few times of trying this out, you’ll soon pay close attention to how you consume your food.