DIY Hand Masks For Super Smooth Hands

Published on 04/05/2021

Especially in times like these we tend to wash our hands a lot. This ruins their natural PH-level and makes them very dry. But don’t worry, we have the best DIY hand mask recipes, that will make your hands super smooth and silky.

Woman Applying Moisturizing Cream On Hands

DIY Hand Masks For Super Smooth Hands

Avocado Mask

Avocados are known to be not only delicious, but also very healthy for skin and hair. Due to their fatty acids and vitamins, they are one of the best nutrition to smoothen our skin and helps it to repair. Another great advantage of avocados is, that they increase the collagen production, hence the skin looks fuller and more youthful. All you need for the avocado mask is half an avocado, 1 teaspoon of jojoba oil, 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice. Now just mix all the ingredients together and put them over your hands. Leave the mixture on for around 10 -15 minutes and then rinse them well with warm water. Now just a bit of moisturizer and your hands will feel amazing and soft!

Potatoes Mask

It may sound weird, but also potatoes are a great food to nourish your hands. They are known to are anti- inflammatory and great to get a nice skin tone. For this easy DIY recipe you only need to boil one potato and peel it, Now mash it and mix 1 teaspoon of olive oil to it. Until now it sounds like delicious mashed potatoes. The next step is to cover your hands with this mixture and to leave it on for around 15 minutes. After the time is up, rinse your hands and you will see how soft your hands are.

Oat and Chamomile Tea Mask

Chamomile tea is known for its calming and anti-inflammatory properties, while oats are known to be very nourishing and great to moisturize your skin. Mixed together, Oats and Chamomile are a power mixture for your skin. For this great DIY hand mask, all you need are 3 tablespoons of water, 2 tablespoons of cornflour, 1 Chamomile tea bag and 2 tablespoons of dry oats. Heat some water and pour it over the tea bag. Take a separate bowl and mix the oats and the cornflour together. Now take the tea water and mix it into the other bowl. Mix everything together well and put it on your hands for around 20-25 minutes, but be careful that the tea water isn’t too hot. When the time is up wash your hands, pad them dry and moisturize them. Voilà your hands are soft and ready!

Milk Rosewater Mask

While milk might not be good to drink for everyone, it does wonders to our skin. Milk contains lactic acid, which is working like a natural exfoliate. Furthermore, it has soothing and calming properties. For this mask mix 1/4 cup of powdered milk with water and a few drops of rose water and mix everything together. Now cover your hands with it and wait until completely dry. Wash the mask off, pad your hands dry  and moisturize them. That’s it. Your hands will not only smell wonderful, but also will feel like new!