Food Trends: This Is How Trendy Foodies Eat

Published on 06/13/2021

The world of eating and drinking is constantly on the move and subject to changing trends that are shaped by gastronomy, bloggers and food magazines. Here you can find out more about the newest food trends.

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Food Trends: This Is How Trendy Foodies Eat


As generally known, vegans disdain any kind of animal products. Cheese, eggs, butter, steak, yoghurt- everything is taboo on the plate. The latest food trend is a little more relaxed about it, at least when it comes to one food, the egg. So-called “vegans” do not want to go without protein-rich food. On Instagram and numerous food blogs, the pictures are piling up under the hashtag “veggan” (vegan + “egg”) on which salads, breads, soups or avocados are lovingly presented with eggs. The trend is more likely to annoy real vegans. However, if you make sure that the egg comes from organic and free-range farms when shopping, you shouldn’t feel to guilty.

Hybrid- Food

The latest trend in New Yorks street food markets is called Cronut, closely followed by Cragel and Bruffin. No, these are not new star chefs, behind these bizarre names are so-called hybrid foods that are currently enchanting the gourmet world from New York. The delicacies are crossings of baked goods: cronut = crossaint + donut, the cragel is a mixture of croissant and bagel and the buffing combines brioche bread with the shape of a muffin. Meanwhile there are also salty combinations. For example, the ramen burger – a mixture of burger and Japanese ramen noodles. Soy sauce is served with it. The “Zwittersnacks” are amazingly tasty and take the taste buds of street food fans by storm. You can be more than looking forward to more delicious crosses!

Clean Eating

Clean eating is about “pure”, natural nutrition- the food should therefore be largely natural and unprocessed. The focus is therefore on fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, and whole-grain products. In principle, any food is allowed as long as it does not contain synthetic additives, sweeteners, sugar, coloring, flavorings, etc. and is thus consumed in its “purest” form. A proven rule of thumb for Clean Eaters is: “The shorter the list of ingredients, the better!” Clean eating also includes some rules of conduct: For example, you should have breakfast every day and eat regularly, with up to six small meals a day. In addition, you should have up to three liters of water every day, white flour and sugar should be avoided as far as possible and meals should be combined in such a way that complex carbohydrates, such as various vegetables and legumes, are associated with protein.

Food Pairing

Food pairing is a relatively new trend in nutrition that is based on an interesting principle: foods go well with each other if they share key taste components. Various laboratory methods are used to analyze the chemical components of the food in order to find out which of them have something in common. This suggests new, very innovative combinations of foods that you simply wouldn’t have thought of – such as white chocolate with caviar or cauliflower with chocolate. Surprisingly, these unusual combinations taste amazingly good, which is due to the analyzed common taste components. Food pairing serves professional chefs, food technicians, but also hobby cooks as an experimental source of inspiration.