5 Reasons Why You Are Always Hungry

Published on 11/09/2022

“Why am I always hungry?” If you are one of those people who often ask this question, it may be related to your eating and lifestyle habits. We have summarized the 5 main causes of constant hunger for you, taking scientific studies into account.

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5 Reasons Why You Are Always Hungry


Relaxing on weekends and after work is important, but all too often a lazy day with no plans turns into sheer time. Instead of meeting friends outside or doing sports, you can’t get yourself up to anything and boredom sets in. Exactly then the walk to the fridge is particularly tempting, because a small snack bridges the time and the body is pretended to be busy. But most of the time it doesn’t stop with a snack, because boredom is confused with hunger. Nutritional psychologist and best-selling author Dr. According to Susan Albers of Stanford University, one of the main ways you can tell if you’re constantly starving from boredom is having a hard time deciding what to eat.


Just as boredom fools our brain into feeling hungry, stress can also contribute to us snacking more often than necessary. Stress factors such as a heavy workload, relationship problems or everyday worries can lead us to want to activate our reward center in the brain with food in order to evoke positive feelings.This is mainly due to the hormones cortisol and ghrelin, which are released in stressful situations and stimulate appetite

Eat On The Go

In our modern everyday life, it is becoming increasingly difficult to take time to eat. Instead, we are increasingly reaching for the practical snack-to-go. However, it is often unhealthy fast food full of flavor enhancers and added sugar. In addition, the meal is gobbled down in a few bites, which means that large bites of food and a lot of air enter our stomachs. Stomach pain, digestive problems and bloating are often the result

Unbalanced Diet

Too often people who want to lose weight fast think that radical dieting is the key to success. Entire food groups are eliminated from the menu in the hope of rapid success. In fact, this behavior can have exactly the opposite of the desired effect. With an unbalanced diet, our body falls into a kind of survival mode and releases excessive endorphins to counteract the supposed starvation. At the same time, this experience is stored by the nervous system as a traumatic stress memory, with the result that there is hypersensitivity to every little feeling of hunger – food cravings are the result.

Too Little Sleep

As tempting as it is to stay up late on the weekends or watch all the episodes of your favorite series instead of going to bed early, this behavior can also be the reason why you are constantly hungry. Numerous studies have shown how much the sleeping rhythm affects our feeling of hunger.