Make New Friends: The 7 Best Tips

Published on 01/30/2023

Even if you would now like to hear something else: Unfortunately, there is no magic formula that guarantees lifelong friendship. But what does exist are ten important factors that increase your chances of making nice contacts and finding real friends enormously. That’s exactly what we’re going to take a look at now!

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Make New Friends: The 7 Best Tips

Same Interests

Actually only logical: If you have similar interests, it is much easier to start a conversation and immediately discover important similarities. (Sports) clubs and honorary positions are therefore ideal for making contacts in a relaxed and relaxed manner. Alternatively, you can just keep your ears open and pay attention to common interests. Maybe one of your classmates is just as enthusiastic about old black and white films as you are.

Contact At Eye Level

This is meant quite literally at this point. Because body language also plays a very important role in situations of getting to know each other. Crossing your arms over your chest and staring at the floor 90% of the time obviously seems more forbidding than inviting. So pay attention to open body language, look the other person in the eye and smile from time to time.

The Right Chemistry

Good friends just get along; their chemistry is right. So trust your gut feeling when meeting new people. If it “somehow doesn’t fit” as a human being, there’s probably a reason. But if you like each other right away and are on the same wavelength, that’s a good sign.

Openness And Authenticity

Only those who show themselves as they are can find the right friends. Even if you feel less vulnerable when you cover up your insecurity: Don’t pretend to others. If you pretend, the others will sense it – and unconsciously always remain a bit suspicious. So you better just be honest, stay yourself and stand by yourself. And remember: If you want to please everyone, you will end up not going down well anywhere.


Don’t expect the other person to do all the “work” for you, instead approach them consciously. “Joy for contact” doesn’t just mean taking the first step – but also staying on the ball. Nobody likes to pull everything out of someone else’s nose and nobody wants to be the engine all the time. Extra tip: Use the opportunity(s). If the other person says: “We should meet up.”, you can answer: “Sure, that’ll definitely work.” – and be silent. But it would be wiser: “Sure, gladly. When do you have time?”

A Similar Sense Of Humor

Simple formula: If you have a lot of fun together, you also like to spend time together. So if you find someone you can laugh with and who also finds your weird jokes really funny, that’s a great basis – and clearly expandable.


Good friends can not only laugh together, but also cry together. If we show ourselves “without a mask” to someone and make ourselves vulnerable in front of them, we are signaling to the other person that we trust them. And that trust usually comes back. In the end, vulnerability is always a nice compliment – and creates a tremendous bond.