How To Make Outstanding Social Media Pics In The Summer

Published on 04/29/2021

Taking photos in summer is a real joy! Do you think so too? The sun is out longer, you don’t freeze, and you can take wonderful photos on the beach, in the pool or in nature in general. But summer also means heat, blazing sun, and at the same time very special challenges for you and your shoot.

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How To Make Outstanding Social Media Pics In The Summer

The Right Planning

There is a reason why so many blog posts start on this point. Because good planning can save you a lot of stress and unsuccessful photos. Be sure to check the weather report before you schedule a shooting day. If it is to be very sunny, it is advisable not to take photos at noon. Because at this time the sun is at its highest and throws unsightly, hard shadows on the face. Much better in summer is the morning or evening: the light is much softer and at the same time it escapes the greatest heat of the day.

Shade Is Better Than Sun

If you have caught an extremely sunny moment, we recommend you to look for a shady spot for your photos. You can see the direct comparison: the same place, but at two different times of the day.

The Right Posing

Lets put it this way: the more revealing your outfit, the more your posing has to fit. But be sure, keep a certain amount of body tension when taking pictures. The oldest trick in the world, by the way, is to turn your hips towards the camera, but turn your abdominal region away from it.

Best Locations For Summer Shootings

There are many wonderful places to take summer photos such as flower fields, parks, beaches, lakes, pools … All locations that have something to do with water are always particularly beautiful. But a summer street style in front of colorful house walls definitely has its charm!

Current Instagram Trends

If you need more inspiration for your summer photos, it is worth taking a look at current social media trends. At the moment, for example, creative edits with Picsart are very popular: for example, you can let your creativity run free with playful draw-ons.

The Right Camera Settings

While you try to get as much light into the picture as possible through an open aperture, a high ISO number or a short shutter speed in all other times of the year, things look a little different in summer. Because the picture can quickly become too bright, especially in the sun. If you still want a blurry background, it is best to keep the shutter speed very short. If that’s not enough, it may be worth purchasing an ND filter * for your camera. Put simply, this works like sunglasses for your camera and ensures that your pictures are not too overexposed.